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Skillet Pepper Steak

Skillet Pepper Steak

  • November 02, 2020
  • Posted By : Patty
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1 large green bell pepper, cut into 1/4-inch strips

2 tablespoons soy sauce


  1. Set the temperature control knob to medium-high, 375 degrees.
  2. In the skillet, heat the 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Add potatoes and sprinkle with salt and black pepper. Sauté for 12 to 15 minutes or until potatoes are golden, turning halfway through cooking.
  3. Transfer potatoes to a platter and cover to keep warm.
  4. In the skillet, add the remaining 1 tablespoon of olive oil then add the steak, garlic, and bell pepper. Increase the heat to high, 400 degrees, and sauté for 4 to 5 minutes, or until steak is cooked to desired doneness.
  5. Add soy sauce, and stir to coat. Cook for 1 minute then spoon steak and pepper mixture over potatoes.

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